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- 16/12/2008 : My first painting is now finished.
After one year of hard work, I've finally finished my first painting. I haven't count the hours, but with 6 charcoal studies for the light, differents studies for the sculpture on the sofa and for the details of the dress, it should be around 50 hours.

- 27/11/2008 : Creation of my FlickR gallery.
A friend of mine insisted so that I created a gallery on FlickR for my photos, so I finally did it. You can see on this page.

- 10/16/2008 : 2nd load of photos.
Lately I have worked as photographer for numerous events. You can see my work on the first page of my "photos" section.

- 10/09/2008 : Load of new photos.
Starting from August,I've done some serious work in photography. I've worked with a swedish model, then with a lyric singer. You can see the photos on this page.
I've also been the official photographer for both Friday and Sunday's Paris roller events. I've two weddings scheduled on july 2009, and surely more until then.

- 06/10/2008 : First photos of my motorbike ride to Italia.
The first load of photos of my motorbike ride to Italia is online.

- 05/31/2008 : First version of my roadbook to Italia.
I've travelled to Italia with my motorbike, a Kawasaki ER6-F. I've ridden over 3200km (2000 miles) to Italia.Go here to see my roadbook.

- 05/26/2008 : some more drawings
I've bought some stuff to paint acrylic at the beginning of the year. My first painting is progressing extremely well, but I've still a lot to do before it's finished.

- 05/12/2008 : road trip to Italia:
I passed my motorbike driver's licence in december 2007. Then I bought a Kawasaki Ninja ER6-F. From 1st to 11th of may 2008, I've travelled to Italia, passing by Switzerland. I'm writing a roadbook mixing it with 1200 photos, ten-drawings, thirteen pages of notebook, and tons of souvenirs ;)
To continue...

- 11/22/2007 : Update of photos of recipes.

- 09/12/2006 : tryout on a sky photo.
Go to 3D Work/Deviant Art.

- 06/26/2006 : new load of photos in photos/landscape and miscellanous.
Here are some photos I took in Britain at cap Fréhel.

- 04/20/2006 : new photos in the section photos/animals.
After waiting some time, I finally try out my new lens bigma (a sigma 50-500mm weighting only 1.8kg.

- 08/01/2006 : new section in 3D work.
My first try of Devian Art... A good camera (canon 300D + tamron 18-200mm), un addition of photoshop, and tadahhh ;)
Here is the link for this new section: /deviant art/

- 20/11/2005 : photos of my birthday party.
Here is what I have prepared for my birthday party. It took me 3 weeks to think of how I could do this, and 3 full days to prepare it.

- 16/09/2005 : new photos in the section recipes.
Before to have a real page for recipes, I've uploaded photos of what I cook.

- 12/08/2005 : new section with my drawings.
As it took me some time to go to work for my internship, I had some time to kill :P. So I drew in the mass transport. Most took me 3 hours but some of the longest took me more than a week.

- 08/08/2005 : update of photos.
For the end of my internship in DXO Labs, I have bought a digital reflex, a canon 300D with two lenses (18-55mm and 55-200mm).

- 05/07/2005 : new section for my photos.
I've started to took photos with digital reflex. In this section you can find what I have token so far. I'm still learning, so please be indulgent.

- 24/02/2004 : new website for my game.
Starting from now, if you want to know more about my game, visit

- 01/12/2003 : new screenshots of my game.
I'm going to program some geomorphing to have a big nice landscape for the maps.

- 27/10/2003 : launch of the website.

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